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As Multifunctional Yuncai Backpack Handbag Waterproof Casual Womens Picture5 Small Bags Naples was first settled in the late 1860’s by Roger Gordon and Joe Wiggins.   Throughout the 1870’s and the 1880’s, magazine and newspapers published stories about the land’s mild climate and abundant fishing; it was constantly compared to the Sunny Italian peninsula of Naples, Italy.  The name caught on when people promoting the area would describe the bay as “surpassing the bay in Naples, Italy.”  By 1887, Naples had two frame houses.  Today, there are more than 18,000 housing units ranging from beach communities to private gated neighborhoods.

Naples, Florida Fun Fact:  In 1947, there were 142 telephones in Naples; 89 phones were for residents and 53 were for businesses. Mrs. Booker in the telephone office at Fifth Avenue and Eighth Street South handled all the calls as there were no dial telephones.

Why I love Naples!

When my husband Al and I moved here in 1994, Tamiami Trail had no street lights, can you imagine! We were told that the town was sensitive to the wildlife that roamed during the evenings.  Having relocated from Washington DC and New York City, it took a bit of getting use to a handful of restaurants and early evenings out.  In a few short years, Naples has grown to meet several different lifestyles while keeping its original integrity.

Today, Naples continues to stay in touch with its original attractiveness and has added many enhancements. It is home to 100+ golf courses, has over 7 miles of white, sandy beaches, great fishing spots and needless to say, endless sunshine and breath taking sunsets. The area has a healthy respect for nature with many preserved land areas to conserve the natural habitat.  Naples accommodates the requirements of many age groups through an excellent school system, exceptional health care, and upbeat night scene. Mix this with fabulous restaurants, art museums, philharmonic concerts, lots of shopping, and you have a very special place to call home.


So I say Molte Grazie Naples for being clean, green and new!

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What do you love about Naples? I would love to know!  Any comments will be shared in my next blog post.


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